Bulgaria itinerary 7 days 🇧🇬

7-day itinerary by car visiting Bulgaria

this is the map

With this map we show you where you can make one-day itineraries over 7 days. Of course by car, as many of the attractions to discover are located several kilometers from Varna (Bulgaria).

7-day itinerary by car visiting Bulgaria, map

These are the places of interest to visit:

1) City of Varna
2) An old town
3) Sunny Beach

4) Natural rock formations
5) Fortress Ovech

6) An ancient sculpture
7) Medieval city of Pliska

8) Mysterious place
9) Glass factory
10) Historical Park

11) Yaylata Reserve
12) Medieval fortifications

13) Aladzha Monastery
14) Kamchiya Lagoon
15) Ancient Byala fortress

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Now that we know where Varna is located here are some useful tips and recommendations.

Varna’s airport is a modern and well-equipped facility. There are various car rental companies, bar and restaurant. Credit cards are not used everywhere, so it is warmly recommended  to change currency already at the airport. Bulgaria’s current currency is the “lev”. Everywhere in the country, food, drinks and accommodation are cheap.

Typical Bulgarian dishes

The boza

Among the typical Bulgarian dishes, the “shopska” salad is prepared with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions and typical cheese. The vegetables are cut into strips and seasoned with sunflower oil and vinegar.

The “boza” is a malt and millet drink. It has a low alcohol content, diluted and slightly acidic.

Their wines are also excellent.

Shopska salad.

Itineraries from Varna:

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