The thermal waters of Sovata 🇹🇩 ROMANIA

The thermal waters of Sovata

From Cluj-Napoca to Sovata stopping at Reghin.

147 kms/ 2hrs 40 mins.

The wonderful countryside

Driving towards Reghin you will be bewitched by the wonderful countryside stretching for 100 kms.
Vast fields of sunflowers and corn extend as far as the eye can see. Shepherds lead their flocks, chased by sheepdogs, up and down surprisingly multicoloured hills.



In this colourful small town, the Ethnographic Museum shows people’s customs and daily life in the past, displaying their typical costumes for every occasion and their fishing and hunting equipments.
The outdoor exhibition hosts some original dwellings, together with some others that have undergone refurbishment.
A mill and a wine press tell us of people’s toils in the past.

Sovata Bai

Sovata Bai

Along the road flanked by endless rows of walnut trees, you’ll pass by small villages and go through thick woodlands inhabited by wild boars and brown bears.

Once you get in Sovata, you’ll find “Lacul Ursu” (Bear’s Lake), which goes by this name because it resembles a bear’s hide.
The lake is 18 metres deep, it has a surface of 40,000m2 and an incredile average salinity of 250 grams per litre.
The water is nice and warm and, of course, you can float – no need to swim. Tourists from all over bathe in these thermal waters, which are ideal to treat rheumatic and cardiovascular problems.
A thick vegetation with well marked paths surrounds the lake.
On the spot, you can find, cafés, restaurants a number of shops and hotels.