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Scotland with points of interest

Visit Scotland brochure – Here’s the map of our tour among the most beautiful Scottish castles (you can number more than 3,000).

7 days road trip of Scotland by car – Map

And now some tips:

The official currency is the British pound, symbolized by “£”

In Scotland, they drive on the left. So, be careful!

English (sometimes with an accent) is the only language spoken. Mind you! A Scotsman does not tolerate being referred to as an Englishman.

There’s no fixed rule. It is customary to leave a tip to taxi-drivers but serving staff in pubs do not expect any, although a moderate tipping is appreciated. The same applies to hotel staff.

They are accepted almost everywhere, though it is not a rule: keep a few coins at hand.

Scotland Travel Guide + PDF
Stirling Castle
Cathedral St. Andrew
Scottish castles
Not to be missed
Enchanting views
Medieval fortress
To Edinburgh
What you need to know

When to visit Scotland

Scotland is a lovely place that is worth visiting at any time of the year, but the best seasons depend on your preferences and personal interests.

If you are a lover of outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, and nature adventures, then spring (March-May) and summer (June-September) are the ideal seasons. During these months, the days are long and sunlight can last up to 18 hours a day, offering you a great opportunity to discover the natural beauty and Scottish cities.

However, if you are interested in culture and history, then autumn (September-November) and winter (December-February) may be the best seasons. During autumn, you can attend music, art, and cultural festivals and enjoy the colorful landscapes of Scottish landscapes. In winter, you might have the opportunity to participate in traditional Christmas festivals, admire the lights and Christmas decorations of the cities, and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of pubs and venues.

In conclusion, the best season to visit Scotland depends on your tastes and personal interests, but whatever the choice, Scotland offers a wide range of activities and places to see.