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Stockholm in winter: in the historical center

Places of interest

Is Stockholm worth visiting in Winter? – An unforgettable day in Stockholm Old Town (capital of Sweden) during winter with our map. Marvelous city worth visiting. Museums, parks and picturesque attractions can be discovered on foot in total relax.

We visited Stockholm in February, but it is a beautiful place all year round.


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From the central railway station we walk through the exclusive Strandvägen street, located in Stockholm’s most luxurious district. First we make a small halt at Kungsträdgården to sip a cappuccino in this beautiful park.

We proceed to Ă–stermalm, an elegant neighborhood with its magnificent palaces and tree-lined boulevards with walking and cycle trails. 

Stockholm map

Ticino, 6986, 14.11.2020
1 Kungsträdgården
2 Nordiska museet
3 Abba Museum
4 Vasa Museum
5 Storkyrkan
6 Sergels torg
7 Hötorget

The treasured museums of DjurgĂĄrden

Vasa museum

We cross the bridge on the right which brings us to DjurgĂĄrden island with its big park and museums. The nordic Museum (Nordiska museet) tells the story of Nordic lifestyle and traditions from the 16th century onwards. You can admire interiors, clothing, porcelains and jewelry which belonged to the Sami people. A restaurant and shop can be found in the museum.

For Abba lovers a visit to the “ABBA museum” is a must. The museum displays memorabilia, costumes and discography of the famous pop group.

Museo Vasa

The star attraction is undoubtedly the Vasa Museum which houses a huge warship from the 17th century. The ship sank minutes after the launching in 1628 and salvaged from the Baltic Sea after 333 years. Meticulously restored and assembled piece by piece, this majestic battleship won’t leave you indifferent. We recommend the exhibition which narrates the story of the sinking and the long salvage.

Gamla stan and its historical center

The ferry and get off in Gamla stan island

A few minutes from Abba museum, we embark the ferry and get off in Gamla stan island, home of the King of Sweden. It is very relaxing to discover Stockholm old town with its small alleyways and colorful buildings.

The modern bistros serve traditional northern dishes like the famous Swedish meatballs; the elegant pubs and bars are the ideal halt for a cocktail. We recommend a visit to the medieval cathedral of Storkyrkan.

Norrmalm with its fruit and vegetable market

Stockholm in winter

Once finished the visit of Gamla stan, we cross Vasabron bridge which brings us to Norrmalm. Proceeding towards Sergels torg, we reach the modern square of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. An ideal halt for a snack break, the ethnic fruit and vegetable market is located in Hötorget square, between the two main streets of Drottninggatan e Sveavägen.

Stockholm, a city to visit and discover during winter. Sweden is a marvelous country. 

Stockholm (swan)