Things to do in Rovaniemi in winter

Things to do in Rovaniemi 🇫🇮 FINLAND

Things to do in Rovaniemi in winter

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Visit Rovaniemi in Finland – 7 destinations for 7 unforgettable and alternative days in Rovaniemi (Lapland).

Rovaniemi City

Rovaniemi is not just the place for visiting Santa Claus, there are many other interesting things to see.
Visiting the modern museum about LaplandArktikum” will transport you in the past.
Or visiting the reindeer farm, where you can be dragged along a pathway sitting on a sled.
Do not miss a visit to the Ranua Zoo, where only Arctic animals are found.

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Practical tips

Rovaniemi is a touristic and university city.
It has about 60,000 inhabitants.
It is structured with modern buildings (it was almost completely destroyed by bombings during the Second World War).
On the outskirts of Rovaniemi an immense expanse of trees and ponds with scattered houses.

The language

At school the Finns learn Swedish as a second language, and study English only later. Therefore everybody speaks a well-timed English, understandable even to those who chew it just a little.

The flight

Domestic flights (apart from charter flights) are operated by “Finnair”, the national carrier, and all flights have a stopover in Helsinki.

Father Christmas in the woods

So if you stop in Helsinki and you have time available before taking the next flight, go and visit the city.
There are free Finnair City Buses. The route takes about 20 minutes. A short itinerary of 2-3 hours will be described later.

Train to Rovaniemi

The Finnish double-decker night train known as Santa Claus Express, travels from Helsinki to Rovaniemi,  and then goes on to Kemijärvi, its final destination.