Varna in Bulgaria on the Black Sea

Varna Black Sea 🇧🇬 BULGARIA

Varna on the Black Sea

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On this trip, thanks to our online travel guide, you will discover enchanting places full of history and adventure.
An old town, the Knight carved in the rock, the rock formations,
the mysterious place, the boat trip on the lagoon are some places of this trip suitable for the whole family.
A week to discover many attractions that you won’t forget.
The advice is to stay overnight in the surroundings of Varna starting point of various destinations.

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Varna on the Black Sea

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Varna is a Bulgarian port and seaside town on the Black Sea.

6000 year old Jewels of the Thracians  were found in a necropolis and exhibited in the archaeological museum along with other findings from ancient Greek, Roman and Ottoman cultures.

The seaside promenade is beautiful for a stroll, with its restaurants, its beaches and the small train.

You will find the pedestrian street Boulevard Slivnitsa in front of the main entrance of the Sea Garden, with shops, bars, restaurants and ice cream parlours.

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