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Puerto Calero Marina, volcano El Cuervo and wineries

A must visit in Lanzarote, volcano “El Cuervo”

A must visit in Lanzarote, volcano “El Cuervo”
El Cuervo

Located 2Km from Mancha Blanca in Lanzarote volcano “El Cuervo” (crow’s volcano) is a real natural wonder.

The volcano is accessible by car which can be parked along the road; from there a walking path brings the visitors at the crater’s edge.

As the entire perimeter of the volcano is made of pebbles, it is strongly recommended to wear closed toe shoes. The spectacular colors of the volcanic rocks and the sparse vegetation give a moonscape effect to the site.

For a spellbinding experience you can walk into the crater where total peace reigns.

“La Geria” and “El Grifo” wineries

“La Geria” and “El Grifo” wineries

“Bodega La Geria” and “Bodega El Grifo” are not far away from  Volcán El Cuervo. It’s a very beautiful area surrounded by low vineyards protected by the wind by circular walls of lava stones. Here you can taste different renowned wines like the dry malvasia, the semisweet and fruity white and the red.

To enjoy fully this extraordinary place we recommend to end the visit with a stroll through the vineyards.

Visit of Puerto Calero Marina

Puerto Calero

The beautiful marina of Puerto Calero boasts the finest luxury yachts and sailing boats. Enjoy a long walk on the pier with its exclusive shops, bars and restaurants where to dine while enjoying the ocean view.

It is worth a visit.