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At Marsaxlokk fish market

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At Marsaxlokk fish market

Marsaxlokk fish market is particularly popular for its fish stalls on Sundays.

A long, uninterrupted row of fishing boats lines up along the quayside of this picturesque village while, in the middle of the sheltered bay, a myriad beautifully coloured boats (luzzu) floats peacefully.
If you take a stroll along the seaside promenade, you can admire the fishermen repairing their nets and laying them out in the sun to dry.

The Marsaxlokk market stalls display their goods of every sort daily. Cafés and restaurants can be found all along the seafront.

Parish church of “Our Lady of Pompeii”

Parish church of “Our Lady of Pompeii”
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On the small square of Marsaxlokk, facing the sea, is the Church of “Our Lady of Pompeii”.

Though with a simple facade, the church harmoniously combines colour and style with the surrounding buildings. The single-nave interior, embellished with a Carrara marble altar, preserves the icon of “Our Lady of the Rosary”.
Charmingly lit at night.

St Peter’s Pool

St Peter’s Pool

St Peter’s Pool is one of Malta’s pearls.
You can reach it by car or in 20 minutes on foot. You follow a well-marked itinerary in the middle of an agreeable landscape.

What appears before your eyes upon reaching the bay is of great visual impact. The overhanging cliffs, the surrounding vegetation and the powerful waves smashing powerfully against the rocks leave you breathless.
When the sea is quiet, you can dive into the water from different places.

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