We reach Argostoli through the lush hinterland

Holidays on Kefalonia 🇬🇷 GREECE

How to reach Argostoli, with many shops, bars and restaurants

Holidays on Kefalonia – We reach Argostoli through the lush hinterland. On the way we can admire wind turbines up close and enjoy a wonderful view of Argostoli when we reach the church square just before Dilinata.

Argostoli, the capital

Arcostoli centro

1 – There are many things to see in Argostoli : its pedestrian center full of shops, bars and restaurants, shops selling ceramics, local products and the Clock Tower.
Argostoli is the main centre of Kefalonia, founded by the Venetians in the 18th century.
Enter the folklore museum and admire local costumes, furnishings, relics and coins.

Pedalò a noeggio

Stroll along the waterfront, taking in the view of the harbor. Stop at the fruit and vegetable stalls and at the small fish market where fishermen sell the catch of the day.
Here, locals gather to chat and buy local produce, thus boosting the economy.

In the lagoon, if you’re lucky, you can see loggerhead turtles or hire a pedal boat to go and look for them.
The De Bosset Bridge is a 700-metre-long stone bridge that was listed as a historical monument in 1970.
A fantastic day out !

The Memorial of the ‘Acqui’ Division

In ricordo della Divisione Acqui

2 – A monument stands on the hill outside Argostoli in memory of the Italian fallen of the ‘Acqui’ Division.
It commemorates the massacre carried out by the Germans during the Second World War against Italian soldiers, which cost hundreds of lives.

To the Gentilini Winery

Cantina Gentilini, la degustazione

3 – Surrounded by vineyards is the Gentilini Winery.

Here, in the shade of the trees, you can taste some local wines, accompanied by a plate of local products.
The cost varies according to the wines chosen.
Originating from the island of Kefalonia, a well-known typical Greek white wine, ‘Robola’.
The Robola of Kefalonia is a PDO, i.e. with a protected designation of origin.
This wine is reputed to be the most famous of the island’s culture.
Other wines produced by this winery are rosé and several reds.
The wine cellar is open every day.

DISCOVER HERE the amazing Kefalonia wine tour

The Monastery of St Gerasimos

Moastero di San Gerasimo

4 – A very striking monastery of rare beauty, dedicated to St Gerasimos, the patron saint of the island of Kefalonia (Greece).
Not far from the village of Valsamata, in the valley of Omala, it rises majestically into the sky.
Set in a large park, it is surrounded by the nuns’ dormitories and a chapel with flowery avenues on either side.
If you want to go inside the monastery or the nearby chapel, it is best to go in appropriate, non-beach style clothing.
There is a peaceful atmosphere here.

Cefalonia EN
Cefalonia EN

Book your hotel in Kefalonia

For your holidays in Kefalonia we recommend you stay in Sami. Place located in a central position, ideal for touring the island and enjoying your vacation.

Sami is close to Antisamos beach, and in the evening a long row of beachfront trattorias await you.

Very convenient to reach Ithaca. (We visited Ithaca by renting a scooter already from Sami for a day, finding this perfect solution).

Contact us for more information.

The Massacre of Cephalonia

One of the tragic events that deeply marked its history was the Massacre of Cephalonia, which took place during World War II.

Initially occupied by Italian troops during Italy’s occupation of Greece, the island came under German control after the armistice between Italy and the Allies in September 1943. Some Italian soldiers joined Greek partisans to form a resistance army against the Germans, but the German counteroffensive led to the defeat of the Italian troops and Greek partisans after several days of fighting.

After the surrender of the Italian troops and the capture of Italian, mainly from the “Acqui Division,” and Greek soldiers, the German authorities made the decision to carry out a mass massacre. On September 24, 1943, more than 5,000 Italian and Greek prisoners were killed by German troops. This episode represents one of the most atrocious war crimes committed by Germans in Greece during World War II.

Even today, the memorial of the Massacre of Cephalonia is an important historical site and a place of commemoration for the victims of the massacre.

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