Transylvania is a country to be discovered

Transylvania the country 🇹🇩

Transylvania to be discovered

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The mysterious Transylvania is is a country in the middle of Romania. This mysterious region is well worth a vacation for the bounty of beauties it holds: its colourful autumn countryside, its picturesque villages clinging to the hillsides, its villages with their wide squares, and – last but not least – its castles telling of the past.

Transylvania is a country to be discovered
Guide to Transylvania
Guide to Transylvania

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The Carpathians, the mountain range surrounding the whole country, are the natural frame to this beautiful land.
We were there in the autumn but its wonders will strike you any time of the year.
You can get plenty of good, healthy food anywhere at a surprisingly moderate price.
The Romanian currency is still the “Leu” (singular) and “Lei” (plural) and is pronounced as written. (They plan to introduce the euro in the near future).
No matter where you end up, the locals are always friendly and extrovert and welcome visitors on all occasions.
Sibiu and Cluj airports guarantee scheduled international flights on a daily basis.

Do you only have a few days to spend in Transylvania? Ask us for advice, we’re happy to help as we have already visited the region.

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