Reindeer farm 🇫🇮 ROVANIEMI

Reindeer farm along the road

At the Reindeer farm in Rovaniemi – Approximately 7 kilometers north of Rovaniemi along the road to Sinetta is thePoro Farmifarm.

road sign

Being in transit we stopped and made an appointment for the next day, as there was an influx of tourists coming by buses from everywhere.

After some explanations from the manager we climbed on the sled and we let ourselves be towed along a route well known by the reindeer.
At the end of the tour we visited the farm and had the possibility to offer moss to the reindeers. Tea with biscuits was offered to us travelers.


eating reindeer

In addition to living in large numbers in the wild, they are also bred in large enclosures in semi- domestic conditions, for their meat, leather, stages and, in a minor way, milk and transport.
In winter they feed mainly on lichens, in particular the so-called “reindeer lichen”. However, they also eat willow and birch leaves and grass.
A curiosity: they are the only mammals able to see ultraviolet ligh