How to dress for Lapland

How to dress for Lapland

How to dress for Lapland in winter

How to dress in Lapland? Clothing for cold times (Rovaniemi)


Cover head and ears well with a wool cap.

Thinsulate gloves (a synthetic fiber that isolates very well from the cold). The ones used for  climbing are the best as they are fingerless but have a hood for total finger coverage. To take pictures, handle coins etc. the hood is turned back so that the finger tips are free.

The ski suit must be of good quality.

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Wool sweater.

Adhering to the skin, polypropylene, polyester or cotton shirt.

Leggings recommended for everyone.

Fine cotton socks and a nice pair of wool socks on top.

Leather boots lined with wool (forget the classic moon-boots).

Although the temperatures in Lapland are very rigid, the perception of the cold is bearable as the air is dry.

We have shown you how to dress in Lapland.
So let’s not forget to wear appropriate clothes.

wool cap
winter shoes

Some tips:

At the two Shell gas stations (north and south of Rovaniemi), you can eat well without spending much.

If you’re only staying a couple of nights, it’s not necessary to rent a car. But if you want to see more attractions, it’s essential to rent one, as many interesting places in Rovaniemi are a few kilometers away.
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