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Dacian Kingdom and Corvinilor Castle in Hunedoara

From Sibiu to Hunedoara stopping at Sarmizegetusa Regia, Saint Nicholas’ Church at Densuș and Corvinilor Castle (Transylvania).

185 kms/ 2hrs 50mins.

We leave Sobiu early in the morning heading to

Sarmizegetusa Regia

Sarmizegetusa Regia

Once the capital of the Dacian Kingdom, the town was erected on top of a 1200-metre-high mountain, and entirely walled by huge stone blocks.

The site can be reached by a rather difficult long and winding road. After parking, follow a path in the wood for a short stretch.
You’ll reach a large clearing surrounded by vegetation where you can admire the remains of megalithic artifacts, whose origin and purpose still lack a well-grounded explanation.
It’s a mysterious place for its structure and layout, which will leave you astonished.

Saint Nicholas’ Church (at Densuș)

Saint Nicholas’ Church (at Densuș)
Saint Nicholas Church in Densus is a must. Map

If you are in the area, the little church of Saint Nicholas is a must.
You can spot the bell tower from afar, since the church is right on top of a hillock.
It can boast to be the oldest Church in both entire southeastern Europe. Religious cerimonies are still held there three times a week.
The structure incorporates lots of architectural elements retrieved from other archeological sites, such as headstones and tombstones, columns, capitals and marble lions.
That’s why Saint Nicholas’, one of a kind, is amazing for its beauty.

Corvinlor Castle (in Hunedoara)

Corvinlor Castle (in Hunedoara)

An imposing drawbridge leads inside this huge castle in Hunedoara.
A number of rooms open onto the vast inner court of this massive construction, which has a fascination of its own, since each single room recounts a 4-century-long story.
The site is really worth a visit.

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