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Antisamos Water Sports 🇬🇷 GREECE

At Sami in Kefalonia, Antisamos beach is one of the most beautiful

Let’s find out what to see around Sami. Water sports in Antisamos, Karavomilos lake, Melissani cave and Agia Effimia.

Antisamos Beach with Water Sports

Antisamos Beach

1 – The beach of Antisamos is equipped with umbrellas and bars and offers all kinds of water sports.
Surrounded by lush vegetation, it’s an inviting place to relax and play, offering tourists all the amenities. Crowded in summer, but with room for everyone.

Melissani cave and its underground lake

Melissani Cave

2 – The cave was identified in 1951, but the 1953 earthquake caused the vault to collapse and it is now open to the sky.
Inside this cave there’s a half salt water, half fresh water lake, where an underground spring mixes with the sea.
The sun’s rays entering the cave create spectacular reflections from deep blue to turquoise to emerald green.
You can explore this dreamy place in small boats, where friendly rowers lead the way.

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Lake Karavomilos

Il lago Karavomilos

3 – This lake is part of strange geological phenomena observed in Kefalonia (Greece).
Researchers have found that the waters on the other side of the island end up here after flowing under Kefalonia for some kilometers.
After visiting Melissani Cave, bring your children here, where they will love seeing the geese, ducks and fish that live in this lake.

The seaside resort of Agia Effimia

Agia Effimia

4 – Agia Effimia, located on the east coast of Kefalonia Island, is a seaside resort with a well-equipped harbor for those travelling by boat.
There are lots of shops and restaurants.

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