Pornic (France) a vacation with accommodation in a hotel or in a campground


Explore the wonders of Pornic, in France, during an unforgettable vacation by choosing between accommodation in a hotel or embarking on the adventure of a camping stay.

We offer you a weekend on the Atlantic coast and at the mouth of the Loire with its attractions, to breathe the crisp sea air and enjoy its finest products.

Easily accessible, just a stone’s throw from Nantes airport and gateway to the wonderful Brittany, the westernmost point of the French coast, also known as “Finisterre” (where the land ends).

Pornic is a charming tourist resort nestled in nature, with its tourist port, breathtaking coastal landscapes, beaches, the castle overlooking the town, the small historic center, its charm as a seaside port and its accomodation in hotels and campgrounds.

The city has a strong maritime tradition, and the port is a lively place with fishing boats and yachts. This adds an element of maritime charm to the location.

Pornic al mare vicino a Nantes

The region is famous for its cuisine, with a variety of dishes based on fresh fish and seafood. Local restaurants offer a gastronomic experience that can enhance your visit.
We recommend the “Bernie Café” at the marina, with excellent value for money.

Pornic is known for its tranquil and relaxed atmosphere.
The pleasant atmospheres and the feeling of escaping from everyday life create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

Tourist destinations easily reachable by car:

The town of Guérande and its salt marshes

Explore the fortified medieval city and enjoy a pleasant guided tour through the famous salt marshes.

The Village of Kerhinet

A charming village with thatched roofs, where every detail has been restored to preserve its enchanting charm.
Numerous houses host craft workshops, transforming the town into a picturesque hub of creativity.
Not just a suggestive historical place, but also an experience worth living in its authenticity.

The Regional Natural Park of Brière

If you’re passionate about natural parks, you can admire breathtaking scenery perfect for exploring on foot or by boat with a guide.

The Customs Officers’ Trail

A 1300-kilometer itinerary that follows the coastline of the entire Brittany region offers enjoyable walks accessible to all, including those not accustomed to long hikes, including children.

Where to stay:

We stayed (and recommend) at the Hotel Salea, just a stone’s throw from Pornic. But there are many campsites in the region, even by the sea.

For those with more time, we invite you to take a tour of southern Brittany for at least a week on your own, through our online guide starting from Nantes airport.

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