Pont Aven 🇫🇷 BRITTANY

Paul Gauguin in Pont Aven

Places to visit in Brittany

Pont-Aven, which inspired Paul Gauguin



No doubt, Pont-Aven is a paradise in France where you can breathe peace, which pervades every corner of the village.

The river that gently laps it with its placid waters, the colourful pots of flowers on the low walls and the boats moored along the bank fill you with serenity.
The famous “Les Galettes de Pont Aven”, delicate butter cookies in their boxes of all shapes and colours will delight you.
There are nice little shops selling souvenirs, as well as bars and restaurants if you want to grab something to eat.

These places have inspired many other painters besides Paul Gauguin and used to be a favourite place for writers such as Victor Hugo, René de Chateaubriand and Gustave Flaubert.

Ville Close at Concarneau

Ville Close at Concarneau

“La Ville Close” of Concarneau, a wonderful fortification on the sea (a whole town surrounded by stone walls), hence its name, is worth a visit.

It’s connected to the town centre by a bridge. Within the walls, there’re lots of shops and restaurants, where you can spend your time admiring Brittany’s typical half-timbered houses.

Its imposing walls invite you to climb on top to enjoy the view as far as the eye can see. A nice fountain can be admired in the middle of Place Saint-Guénolé.



Quimper – This city of France still retains its ancient fascination thanks to its half- timbered houses, its cobbled streets and Saint-Corentin Cathedral.
A walk along the river, with its picturesque little bridges embellished with multicoloured flowers, will make you enjoy moments of true relaxation.

Within the citadel’s walls, “Le Jardin de la Retraite”, almost at the top end of Rue Elie Feron, was formerly part of a monastery.
Entry is free and the visit totally rewarding since you will be walking among plants coming from all over.
It’s a well-kept green oasis of peace not to be missed.

We’ll be spending three nights in the vicinity of Quimper.