Carnac 🇫🇷 BRITTANY

Breton megalithic structures

Visit to the archeological sites of megalithic structures and to the Chapel of Saint-Philibert.

Locmariaquer megalithic sites

Locmariaquer megalithic sites

The megaliths of Locmariaquer is one of the most famous of such places in Brittany (France). Some didactic panels, together with a series of engravings welcome you at the entrance.

The main capstone of “La Table des Marchands”, a large dolmen within a cairn, includes a large carving featuring an axe and part of a depiction of a plough, apparently pulled by oxen. Not far, you’ll admire the 120-metre-long great tumulus of Er- Grah.

Within the site, an impressive large menhir lies on the ground: it is broken into four sections but it originally measured twenty-three metres when it stood erect.

Chapelle de Saint-Philibert

Chapelle de Saint-Philibert

It was built in the XVIIth century at the water’s edge: you can admire its simple beauty on the outside and its somewhat naȉve charm inside.

In the centre, there’s a large, richly decorated baroque altarpiece flanked by two statues; looking up, you’ll see some rather peculiar ex-votos hanging from a starred vault.

Carnac temple

Allineamenti di Carnac

Brittany: Carnac temple – This place, surrounded by an aura of mystery, can’t do without rousing your curiosity: long row of menhirs, dolmens and stone mounds line up as far as the eye can see.

This fascinating site, one of the largest megalithic complexes in the world, inspires many a reflection and makes you wonder about a mythical past, not yet fully unveiled. Not to be missed.

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